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Nabiyon Ke Kisse Pdf Download

Nabiyon Ke Kisse PDF Download - A Collection of Stories of the Prophets in Urdu

Nabiyon Ke Kisse PDF Download - A Collection of Stories of the Prophets in Urdu

If you are looking for a book that narrates the stories of the prophets in Urdu language, then you might be interested in Nabiyon Ke Kisse by Amir Jan. This book is a compilation of stories of the prophets from Adam (AS) to Muhammad (SAW), based on authentic sources and references. The book is available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free from various websites. Nabiyon Ke Kisse is not only a book of stories, but also a book of lessons and morals. The stories of the prophets teach us about their faith, patience, courage, wisdom, and obedience to Allah. They also inspire us to follow their examples and emulate their qualities. The book is suitable for readers of all ages and backgrounds, as it is written in simple and clear Urdu language.


Some of the features of Nabiyon Ke Kisse are:

  • It covers the stories of 25 prophets from Adam (AS) to Muhammad (SAW).

  • It provides authentic references and sources for each story.

  • It highlights the main lessons and morals from each story.

  • It uses Quranic verses and Hadiths to support the stories.

  • It includes colorful illustrations and maps to enhance the reading experience.

How to download Nabiyon Ke Kisse PDF for free?

You can download Nabiyon Ke Kisse PDF for free from the following websites:

  • : This website provides a link to download Nabiyon Ke Kisse PDF from LCE, a file hosting service.

  • : This website is a digital library that offers free access to millions of books, movies, music, and more. You can download Nabiyon Ke Kisse PDF directly from this website.

  • : This website is a platform that allows users to upload and share documents and e-books. You can download Nabiyon Ke Kisse PDF from this website after creating a free account.

What are some of the stories of the prophets from Nabiyon Ke Kisse?

In this article, we will share some of the stories of the prophets from Nabiyon Ke Kisse. These stories are not only entertaining, but also educational and inspirational. They show us how the prophets faced various challenges and trials in their lives, and how they remained steadfast and faithful to Allah. They also show us how Allah rewarded them for their efforts and sacrifices.

The Story of Adam (AS) and Hawwa (AS)

The first story in Nabiyon Ke Kisse is the story of Adam (AS) and Hawwa (AS), the first human beings created by Allah. Allah created Adam (AS) from clay and breathed into him His spirit. He then placed him in Jannah (Paradise), where he had everything he needed and wanted. Allah also created Hawwa (AS) from Adam's rib and made her his wife. They lived happily in Jannah, enjoying its blessings and worshipping Allah.

However, there was one thing that Allah forbade them from doing. He told them not to eat from a certain tree in Jannah, as it was a test for them. He warned them that if they ate from it, they would be wrongdoers and lose their place in Jannah.

Unfortunately, they were deceived by Iblis (Satan), who was jealous of them and wanted to ruin their happiness. He whispered to them that if they ate from the tree, they would become immortal and powerful like angels. He also swore by Allah that he was telling them the truth. Adam (AS) and Hawwa (AS) fell for his lies and ate from the tree, forgetting Allah's command.

As soon as they ate from the tree, they realized their mistake and felt ashamed. They tried to cover themselves with leaves from Jannah, but it was too late. Allah called them and asked them why they disobeyed Him. They admitted their sin and asked for His forgiveness. Allah forgave them, but He also expelled them from Jannah and sent them to the earth, where they would live, die, and be resurrected. He also told them that Iblis was their enemy and that he would try to mislead them and their descendants. He also promised them that He would send them guidance and prophets to show them the right path.

Adam (AS) and Hawwa (AS) accepted Allah's decree and left Jannah with sorrow and regret. They also repented sincerely and asked Allah to help them against Iblis. Allah accepted their repentance and taught them how to worship Him on earth. He also blessed them with many children, who became the ancestors of all human beings.

The Story of Nuh (AS) and the Flood

The second story in Nabiyon Ke Kisse is the story of Nuh (AS) and the flood, which was a punishment from Allah for the wickedness of his people. Nuh (AS) was one of the early prophets sent by Allah to guide humanity. He was a righteous and noble man, who worshipped Allah alone and called his people to do the same.

However, his people were very corrupt and disobedient. They worshipped idols and statues, and committed many sins and crimes. They also mocked and rejected Nuh (AS) and his message. They said that he was a madman and a liar, and that they would not leave their ancestors' religion.

Nuh (AS) preached to them for 950 years, but only a few of them believed in him. He warned them that if they did not repent and believe in Allah, they would face a terrible punishment. He also showed them signs and miracles from Allah, but they ignored them or denied them.

Finally, Allah revealed to Nuh (AS) that He would send a great flood to destroy his people, except for those who believed in him. He commanded him to build a large ship, where he and his followers would take refuge. He also told him to take a pair of every animal with him on the ship.

Nuh (AS) obeyed Allah and started building the ship with the help of his followers. His people saw him doing this and laughed at him. They said that he had lost his mind and that he was wasting his time. They also threatened him with violence if he did not stop.

Nuh (AS) ignored their insults and continued building the ship. He also invited them to join him on the ship before it was too late, but they refused. When the ship was ready, Allah ordered Nuh (AS) to board it with his followers and the animals. He also sent a sign to Nuh (AS), which was an oven that spewed water.

As soon as Nuh (AS) saw the sign, he boarded the ship with his companions and closed its door. Then, Allah unleashed His wrath upon the disbelievers. He caused the sky to pour down rain like never before, and the earth to gush out water from its depths. The water rose higher and higher until it covered everything on earth, including the mountains.

The disbelievers realized their doom and tried to escape, but it was too late. They drowned in the flood, along with their idols and statues. None of them survived, except for Nuh (AS) and those who were with him on the ship.

The ship sailed on the water for many days, until Allah willed it to stop on a mountain called Judi. Allah then commanded the water to recede, and the earth to dry up. He also blessed Nuh (AS) and his followers, and made them the new generation of humanity.

The Story of Ibrahim (AS) and His Sacrifice

The third story in Nabiyon Ke Kisse is the story of Ibrahim (AS) and his sacrifice, which was a test from Allah for his faith and obedience. Ibrahim (AS) was one of the greatest prophets sent by Allah to guide humanity. He was known as Khalilullah (the friend of Allah), because of his love and devotion to Him.

Ibrahim (AS) was born in a land called Babylon, where people worshipped idols and fire. His father was an idol-maker, who made statues for people to worship. Ibrahim (AS) rejected this false worship from an early age, and searched for the true God. He observed the sun, the moon, and the stars, and realized that they were not worthy of worship, as they rose and set. He then declared that he would worship Allah alone, the Creator and Sustainer of everything.

He also tried to convince his father and his people to abandon their idols and worship Allah. He showed them the foolishness of worshipping things that could not hear, see, or benefit them. He also broke their idols with an axe, and left the biggest one intact. When his people saw this, they were furious and asked him who did it. He said that it was the big idol who did it, and asked them if they could not understand. They realized that he was mocking them, and decided to punish him. They built a huge fire and threw him into it, hoping to burn him alive.

However, Allah protected Ibrahim (AS) from the fire, and made it cool and peaceful for him. He also commanded him to leave his land and his people, and migrate to another place. Ibrahim (AS) obeyed Allah and left with his wife Sarah (AS) and his nephew Lut (AS). They travelled to different lands, spreading the message of Allah and inviting people to His worship.

One of the places they visited was Egypt, where they met a tyrant king who tried to harm Sarah (AS). Allah saved her from him by sending plagues upon him and his people. The king realized his mistake and let them go. He also gave them a slave girl named Hajar (AS) as a gift.

Ibrahim (AS) loved Sarah (AS) very much, but they did not have any children for a long time. Sarah (AS) wanted Ibrahim (AS) to have a child, so she gave him Hajar (AS) as a second wife. Allah blessed Ibrahim (AS) and Ha


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